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Search to see if a similar trip has already been posted by another user.  If your trip has already been posted by someone else, you will have to login to contact them.  (Trips are sorted by day and time with the most current trips on the top of the list. )  

If your trip has not been posted, login and be the first to post it. Add a new trip by logging in and entering your origin and destination address, then follow the on-screen instructions. After a trip has been posted, the creator can edit or delete the trip.

The Single Trip Matching tool is used to find partners to share a ride for one time trips.  You can catch an early ride home, plan a carpool to a conference, or share a taxi to this weekend's game.  You and your trip carpool partners benefit by sharing the cost of gas or parking and reduce emissions.

Search now to see if someone else has entered your trip or login and be the first to post a trip!

If you are interested in finding a carpool or vanpool for your daily commute, check out the Find Carpool tool.
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