Carpool FAQ

What if I want to share a ride to places other than work or school?
Try the Single Trip Matching tool to find carpool partners.

What if I can't find a carpool partner through ShareTheRideNC?
We can help! Select Contact Us and tell us about your needs. We can set up a meeting with your employer to help promote STRNC and work together to promote solutions around your workplace or neighborhood.

What if I'm sick or oversleep?
Call your carpool partner as soon as possible to let them know. If there are issues of habitual tardiness, remind everyone about your agreed upon meeting and waiting time. In carpooling, everyone is as tardy as the latest arrival.

What if I have to work late or there is an emergency?
Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a regional or employer-based program. To learn more about your eligibility for the ERH program, click here or login to Share the Ride NC.

What if I don't like my fellow carpoolers?
We understand that everyone doesn't click. We recommend ending your current rideshare arrangement. Take another look at your match list to find other carpool partners.

What if I have appointments?
Be sure to tell your carpool partner in advance that you won’t be carpooling that day. Altering the driving schedule as needed is an essential part of carpooling. The ERH program is not available for regularly scheduled appointments, so plan accordingly.