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Find a carpool partner who’s right for you in three easy steps:

1. Join our online ridematching service – Sign up today!

When you register, you get a FREE list of matches of people who live and work near you with similar work hours and they’re interested in carpooling, just like you.

2. Contact your matches to find your preferred carpool partners.

You can start by carpooling once a week or every day. You decide with your carpool partner:

• How often you want to carpool

• When and where you want to meet

• Who will drive or if you will rotate driving

• Other important carpool considerations

3. Give it a try!

The average American spends 434 hours (that’s 18 days!) in a car each year.  Wouldn't you rather spend this time with a friend? Carpooling enhances your social life and saves you money!

See how much you will save with the Commute Calendar
. You may also be able to save more by asking your insurance company if they offer reduced rates for driving less.

Worried about finding a ride in an emergency?  We've got you covered.  You simply need to sign up for the free Emergency Ride Home program so you can get a taxicab or a rental car ride home in case of an unexpected event.