Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a regional or employer based program. To learn more about your eligibility for the ERH program, login to Share the Ride NC.

GoTriangle ERH Program

Though you may never need it (and we hope you won’t), you have a ride home if an emergency ever strikes.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is available when:

  • You or an immediate family member gets sick or has a severe crisis
  • Your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave early or stay late
  • You must work unscheduled overtime

If you need to pick up your sick child or pick up medication, you may make a side trip on the way home. ERH is at your service so you never have to worry about finding a ride when you need it most.

Registering is easy, and the ride is free!

After you register on Share the Ride NC (by selecting the Register button at the top of this page), you will be able to schedule an Emergency Ride Home trip using an approved taxi. New users will be required to set up a Commute Profile to use the ERH program. You may use the service twice in any given month, up to six times per the calendar year. You can only schedule an Emergency Ride Home trip on the day of the emergency. Detailed instructions for the service will be provided once you register. ERH users are responsible for the taxi driver’s tip. If you have already registered with STRNC, please login for instructions.

To qualify for ERH, you must:

  • Be a part-time or full-time employee*
  • Work in Durham, Orange or Wake counties
  • Have shared a ride, taken the bus, biked or walked to work on the day the ride is needed.

You must work for a registered employer to take more than one emergency ride home annually.

It’s the highest priority for the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program to get our smart commuters home in case of an emergency. Many organizations are encouraging teleworking, but there’s a significant number of transit riders, carpoolers, vanpoolers and active commuters who need to commute to work daily. For those commuters, should they have an emergency like sudden personal or family illness, ERH provides a trip home from work. Our taxi provider is taking precautions including disinfecting vehicles after each trip.

List of registered employers found here.

The full list of Participation Guidelines found here